Joint ORCA measurement campaign among UKIM/WiNGroup, ATEITh, AEC, One, T-Mobile and VIP

Members of UKIM/WiNGroup along with representatives from ORCA's end-user (Agency for Electronic Communications - AEC of the Republic of Macedonia), ORCA's partner ATEITh (Greece) and the national cellular operators One, T-Mobile and VIP conducted a joint measurement campaign on the 3rd April 2014 in Skopje, Macedonia. Measurements were performed in the center of Skopje and comprised investigations of the influence that the 4G/LTE systems in Macedonia have on the DVB-T reception. The focal point of the measurements was the interference that 4G/LTE systems operating in the 800MHz band have on the DVB-T receivers in different scenarios.
The measurement setup consisted of a DVB-T transmitter with variable output power located at a distance of ~1km from the measurement spot, two different set-top-boxes for DVB-T reception and various receiving antennas. The measurement scenarios included DVB-T reception with and without active 4G/LTE base stations in the city center of Skopje.
The measurements led to the conclusions that active antennas for DVB-T reception should be avoided as they contribute to increased interference in DVB-T receivers. This is an important outcome for the ORCA project as it consistently targets harmonization and facilitation of the DVB-T introduction in Macedonia.

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