Project review meeting

The responsible SfP-984409 NATO ORCA project officer, Dr. Michael Switkes, visited the partner country premises in Skopje, Macedonia, on the July 3rd, 2014, for a brief project review. The main purpose of this visit was to evaluate the project progress, the status of the equipment purchase, the ongoing joint activities, the cooperation among the partners and the involvement of the end user (Agency of Electronic Communications - AEC Macedonia). During the half-day meeting, the PPD, Prof. Liljana Gavrilovska, presented the current status of the project, while the ATEITh project Co-Director, Mr. Pavlos Lazaridis, presented part of the joint ATEITh - UKIM ongoing research. Ms. Biljana Ilieva, Head of Radiocommunications Department within AEC Macedonia, elaborated the close and fruitful collaboration between the partner country team and the end-user of the project. She has also reported on the joint measurements and taken initiatives.
Dr. Switkes had an opportunity to inspect the acquired equipment by the partner country within the ORCA project and to follow details about the ongoing work on spectrum measurement and modeling. He used this opportunity to discuss ongoing and planned activities within the project with all UKIM team members and their partners. The feedback after the meeting was positive.
Several pictures covering this event are presented below.

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