Mavrovo Lake measurements

During the cross-border measurements between Macedonia and Greece obtained on December 22, 2014 only few points of measurement were evaluated. In order to improve the validity of the results obtained by these near lake measurements, the PPD team has started a large scale campaign of measurements together with AEC at the Mavrovo Lake (see pictures below). This time the case study involved a TV transmitter of 2W provided by the Greek partner and there were over 60 measurements conducted near the lake, starting from the lake surface level, and up to 40m above the Mavrovo Lake (see the map).

Mavrovo Lake measurements and validation

From the results one can conclude that the near lake areas prove to be very challenging in providing satisfactory reception level of television signals. Again, there are variations of the signal level (up to 10 dB), where maximums and minimums are slightly shifted for different frequencies. The attenuation of the higher frequency (compared to the lower frequency) is emphasized as the measurement point is higher above the lake level.

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